Five-step design process

“Creating a masterpiece takes collaborative communication from start-to-finish.” ~ Leeanne Crawford

Step 1: Introductory meeting

A meeting (in person or virtual) to discuss your vision and ideas — for example stones, metals, styles, and a review of existing jewellery and the wearer’s personality.

Step 2: Free estimate

We start with what you have to work with — bring in any piece of jewellery, loose stones, gold, etc., and we will explore options that accommodate your budget while considering the aesthetics of your future creation. Your estimate will include artwork, materials, and labour.

Step 3: CAD design – Freehand design – Carved waxes

Once a down payment is received, the design process begins — this will include initial designs, revisions, and sketches. Upon settling on a final design, we use CAD technology to mock up a computer design to give you a sense of what the final piece will look like. At this stage, we can still revise the design. We then create a wax model, which gives you the opportunity to hold, touch, and review your creation.

Step 4: Casting to perfection

Following your approval of the CAD design and the wax model, you’ll have a clear understanding of what your masterpiece will look and feel like. It is now time for us to work with your precious metals and selected stones to cast the actual piece.

Step 5: Your masterpiece is ready

Once the stones are set and the item is polished, your jewellery is now ready for pickup at my studio — or I can ship it to you, securely and insured.